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Find Your Table

Find Your Table 

It's time to Find Your Table. These table talks are MPC's version of Bible Studies or small groups. Our mission and vision is reflective of the culture on how Jesus taught. Most of his teaching happened around the table and through shared meals. We want you to find your table - where discussions will bring forth change in the form of obedience and Christ-like attitudes. We want your spiritual walk to grown in abundance. To understand the challenges of the Christian Faith but to become equipped with the knowledge to overcome those obstacles. To learn more about the Bread of Life and drink the Living Water. So join, us find your table. Your seat is waiting for you.


  • Theology with Pastor Ben | 6:30pm 

       Bi-weekly, beginning 01/15

       Location: MPC


  • Women's Prayer Group |  6:30pm

       Weekly, next meeting 01/10​

       Location:  MPC Prayer Room/Kids Table

  • Men's Bible Study | 6:30pm

       Bi-Weekly, next meeting 01/10​

       Location:  MPC Prayer Room

       See Harry for more info

  • Book of John Bible Study | 6:30pm

       Weekly, starting 01/10​

       Location: MPC Multi-purpose Room

       See Mari or Victor for more info

  • NEOS Youth Group | 6:30pm

       Weekly, next meeting 01/10​

       Location: MPC Sanctuary

       See Pastor Ben for more info


  • Women's Bible Study | 9:30am

       Weekly, starting 01/12​

       Location: MPC Kid's Table

       See Mari for more info


  • Romans Bible Study with PCG | 6:30pm

       Bi-weekly, beginning 01/16

       Location:  MPC Sanctuary

  • Letters to the Church | 6:30pm

       Weekly, beginning 01/16 

       Location: Home Group

       See Josh or Amanda Ogletree for info

  • Spanish Gathering | 6:30pm

       Weekly, beginning 01/16​

       Location: Home Group

       See Lucy or Ricardo Casas for more info


  • Faith Foundations | 6:30pm

       Bi-weekly, beginning 01/25​

       Location:  MPC

       See Deacon Greg for more info


  • Men's Prayer - Weekly 8 am

      Location: MPC Cross​

      See Raul for more info

  • Table of Wisdom - Monthly 10:30

       Location: MPC​

       See Lori for more info

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Email us at or call 915-465-1201.

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